Teaching Our Children to Pray to the Archangels

At the end of September, we celebrate two very special feast days, the Feast of the Archangels and the Guardian Angels. We can teach our children about angels at a very young age and share the great help that they are. The Archangels are also wonderful allies that may guide us to discern God’s will for our lives. Teaching our children to pray in a special way to the Archangels can show them the powerful intercession that they have. Below are a few ways you can teach your children to pray in specific ways to the Archangels and encourage a strong relationship.

  • St. Michael – Patron of soldiers, doctors, and police officers, children can turn to St. Michael when they feel scared, when they need courage, or when they have a difficult task to complete. A defender against the devil, St. Michael can be called upon to keep children safe at all times. Memorizing the St. Michael Prayer together shows children that even parents call on his intercession in difficult situations.
  • St. Gabriel – Sharing with Mary God’s will for her, St. Gabriel is known as God’s messenger. We can teach our children to turn to St. Gabriel when we are unclear of what God may be asking of us. When children have to make decisions or even have tough conversations with friends, St. Gabriel can intercede for them and encourage strong communication.
  • St. Raphael – Known for guiding Tobiah to his wife, Sarah, in the Old Testament, St. Raphael is the patron of travelers, happy meetings, the blind, and illnesses. Children can pray to him when they are in need of good friends or when they are struggling with being sick. For older children, St. Raphael can be an intercessor for finding a good spouse as well as discerning their vocation.

Showing our children that the Archangels are powerful friends who can help us in the little things will encourage their devotion and trust to the will of God.