Explore Our Shrine Project 

St. Josemaría’s vision for a Shrine to Mary Mother of Fairest Love in North America sought to counteract the confusing narratives surrounding marriage and family life. As a beacon in Southern California—a crossroads of cultures and a destination for the world—this place of pilgrimage will stand as a testament to the true beauty and richness of human love. 

A Dream Takes Root 

In October 2023, we marked a significant milestone by officially securing the grounds that will soon house the Fairest Love Family Shrine. Located less than an hour’s drive from Los Angeles, this property boasts a mild climate, picturesque views of the San Bernardino Mountain range, and rolling hills—a perfect canvas for our vision.  

Architectural Marvels and Natural Splendor 

Envision a campus that seamlessly blends classical and modern architecture, featuring a Chapel and a striking statue of Mary, Mother of Fairest Love. The Retreat House, our anchor for spiritual retreats and family programming, will provide overnight accommodations for retreatants and shared spaces for larger gatherings. An outdoor plaza adjacent to the Chapel surrounded by the beauty of nature, will welcome hundreds of faithful for moments of shared devotion. 

A Shrine Taking Shape 

As we embark on the development of the land, the Chapel and Retreat House will emerge as the focal points of our sanctuary. In the next three years, we anticipate breaking ground on these structures, paving the way for a spiritual oasis that fosters both individual reflection and collective growth. 

Cultivating Devotion 

Our hope is that, as the devotion to Mary, Mother of Fairest Love, blossoms, our supporters will sustain the future development of the Chapel into a shrine church—a beacon of love and faith for generations to come. 

St. Josemaría’s Vision in Action 

The roots of this endeavor trace back to St. Josemaría Escrivá’s vision for a Shrine dedicated to Mary, Mother of Fairest Love. He saw the United States as a cultural leader. We believe Southern California is the ideal location to bring this dream to reality. Los Angeles is at the crossroads of diverse cultures, the epicenter for media, and boasts beautiful weather year round. This Shrine aims to illuminate the true beauty of human love amidst the entertainment hub, challenging distorted depictions of marriage and family life. 

Inspired by a profound desire to promote authentic human flourishing, our project, born in 2014, strives to fulfill St. Josemaría’s wish. Join us in this transformative journey as we build a place of pilgrimage that stands as a testament to the dignity of the human person and the beauty of marital love and family life. 

Board of Directors 

  • Chair: Claire Huang  
  • President & CEO: Jacqueline Taylor  
  • Treasurer: Valentino Creus  
  • Secretary: Enrica Yan  
  • Director: Lourdes Umali 
  • Director: Tim Reckart 
  • Director: JL Marti