A New (Old) Title for Mary

Mary, Mother Of Fairest Love – Help For Our Families In 2024!

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Who is Mary, Mother of Fairest Love?

She is hope for the family! Mary, Mother of Fairest Love embodies the enduring love, grace, and compassion associated with motherhood. Rooted in the biblical Book of Sirach, where God’s wisdom proclaims her as the “Mother of fair love,” this title symbolizes her strength, beauty, and the enduring nature of her maternal care. We can turn to her for solace, guidance, and intercession, believing in her ability to lead us to a deeper understanding of divine love and to strengthen families through her maternal presence. 

Be faithful to the Mother of fair love. Have trust in her, as you shape your love and form your young families. St. John Paul II

Turning to Mary, Mother of Fairest Love in Prayer

Mary’s unwavering love, depicted in her title as the Mother of Fairest Love, serves as a source of inspiration for families seeking strength, harmony, and grace. We can entrust our family concerns into the hands of one who understands the intricacies of family life. Mary’s virtuous example, coupled with her special connection to her Son and St. Joseph, invites us to seek her guidance in navigating the challenges and joys of family life. By turning to Mary in prayer, we open our hearts to the transformative power of her love, fostering an environment where families can flourish in faith, unity, and enduring love. 

Prayer Circle

This is a heartfelt initiative within our community; providing a platform for individuals to share their prayer intentions, and for others to sincerely pray for those needs. 


For our country, especially during this election year! That we can dialogue peacefully and honestly, especially with family and friends who have different views on political issues. And that opinions are heard and not a cause for division.



For a solid foundation of virtue as our family grows and the wisdom to navigate through becoming new parents.



Please pray for my new marriage and ensure our true love for each other would deepen and grow with every passing day and into eternity in heaven. That God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit would fill our relationship with truth, wisdom, beauty, joy, love, and forgiveness; and guide us on our true path in life; and for our safety and success in life and as a couple.

Matthew + Amanda


I’ve been married nearly 10 years and unable to conceive in all this time. I thought I had finally accepted that this is God’s plan for my life, but a friend recently announced her third pregnancy and I find myself struggling again to see this as God’s will for my marriage. I’m asking for consolation, and – God willing – a miracle to finally conceive.


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Mother of Fair Love, of that love that causes no embarrassment, that cleans and ennobles, that love which is the foundation of all great things, that love which draws us toward the Heart of that good Mother who knew how to be Mater pulchrae dilectionis. St. John Paul II

Fairest Families

Get a glimpse into the diverse ways these families live out their devotion to Mary, embrace the Catholic faith, and incorporate it into their daily lives. From cherished practices to shared moments of prayer, Fairest Families serves as a source of inspiration, showcasing the unique and heartwarming ways families cultivate faith, love, and tradition within their homes. 

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