Finding Peace in the Winter Season 

Finding ourselves in the midst of the winter season with the shortened days and colder temperatures, it can be easy to get caught up in the darkness and gloom. Reminiscing of long, warm summers and time by the pool may give us some relief from the cold, but we have an opportunity to take advantage of the winter and make the most of it! But how do you do that when there’s not enough sunlight in the day or when snow keeps you indoors? We’ve got a few solutions to help you find comfort and peace during the winter season!

Maximize Natural Light – It may seem impossible when it feels like most days are cloudy, but getting outside even when the sun appears to be hidden is extremely beneficial for your mood and the absorption of necessary vitamins! Whether it’s a 20 minute walk in the morning or a lunch break by the window, exposure to sunlight will definitely improve that winter gloom.

Bundle Up and Get Out – Winter provides numerous options for activities that you may otherwise not think of. See the cold as an opportunity to bundle up and take the kids out on unexpected adventures! You may find that embracing those chilly days will uplift your mood and show your children that the fun doesn’t stop when the days get colder!

Prioritize Sleep – Although it is easier said than done, making sleep a priority has numerous benefits to overall mood and peace. It is proven that good rest improves emotional and physical well-being, higher cognitive function, and overall increase in productivity and efficiency! While with children it may not be possible every night, prioritizing good sleep on one or two nights a week could be helpful in the long run of improving peace during the winter.

Try implementing these three options separately or little by little and see how the winter months can actually be a time of calm and peace. You may even find you’re more productive and your family enjoys the winter more!