7 Ways to Spend More Time with Your Children

February is oftentimes known as the month of “love” as Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th. And while this love is usually directed towards a spouse or significant other, we wanted to share some ideas on how you could show your love for your children in unique ways! Here are 7 ways to spend more time with your children:

Errand Run Draw – Write your children’s names on popsicle sticks and draw one when you need to go on any small errand. After completing the errand and having that special time with your child, keep that child’s popsicle stick to the side until you’ve given everyone a chance to spend time with you in that way.

Choice Day – Every month, each child can have their choice of what activity they’d like to do with you and your spouse. It could range from sharing a meal, reading their favorite book, or even just setting aside time to chat. This special time alone with you strengthens your bond and gives your children the opportunity to have personal interactions with you.

Success Night – One night a week you could host a “Success Night” where each child brings something from the week that they are proud of having accomplished. Siblings get to partake in celebrating each other, and it helps family members grow in understanding each other’s talents and skills.

Shared Notes – Create a “mail system” where you write and receive notes with your children. Handwritten notes are especially meaningful because they show time and care for what you are expressing.

Dad “Date” Night – Fathers can take the chance to plan a special dinner or activity with their daughters. Fostering strong relationships with daughters is proven to create confidence, security, and trust.

Fixer Upper Friend – Have a task that needs to be completed? Ask a child to assist you and find ways they can be successful in working around the house. This time together gives shared value in keeping the home and also has the potential of teaching a new life skill!

Mom’s Moments – Mothers can share little moments throughout their day with each child… reading a book together, making a recipe, helping with homework, taking walks and going to the park. Knowing your children, you can plan these moments and make the most of them!

These are just a few ideas to help you spend more time with your children to grow in love and understanding. Ultimately, spending even a few minutes individually with your children can help foster deep affection for each one.