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Practical Ways to Incorporate Prayer into Your Family’s Daily Routine

The busyness of Catholic family life can make prayer with the entire family a dream for that elusive time when “things calm down.” If this is your reality, today’s blog is for you: read on for practical tips to incorporate prayer into your family’s everyday routine. Even sports, clubs, and work can’t keep family prayer at bay when you schedule it in with intention, take advantage of the moments when your family is together, and keep the perfect from becoming the enemy of the good.

Schedule prayer time into your calendar

Prayer time as a family is like anything else – it won’t happen if you don’t plan for it! If your family has a group calendar, schedule a recurring time for family prayer each week. Once the prayer time is established on a regular day at a regular time, it will become a habit everyone in the family will remember and make time for. At the beginning, you may need to evaluate the success of each family novena together and adjust practical aspects to make sure that it happens, which is half the battle.

Take advantage of moments when the family is together

Family prayer time can take place anytime, anywhere. Is the entire crew in the car on the way to school? Seize the opportunity to say a morning offering together. Do you have family meals regularly? Say a prayer of thanksgiving before you eat.

Prayer time can also be an excuse to gather the family together. Send a message to the family chat and organize a group video call once a week for family members who live out of town. A family rosary, for example, works well on a video call.

Aim for progress, not perfection

Family prayer doesn’t have to take a set amount of time or follow a specific format. The most important element is bringing your family together to invite God into the day. When routines fly out the window or your children don’t seem able to concentrate, remember that family prayer time can adapt to your unique family life and still be a spiritual win.

“The home is the domestic Church.” —St. Josemaría Escríva