On the Path to Sainthood – 4 Couples Who Are On Their Way to Beatification

Marriage is a great sanctifier and the couples that embrace this vocation receive innumerable graces. Pope St. John Paul II saw the importance of marriage and the pursuit of sanctification saying, “the path of holiness lived together as a couple is possible, beautiful, extraordinarily fruitful, and fundamental for the good of the family, the Church and society.” The Church has recognized several couples who are on their way to being closer to canonization.

Maybe you’ve heard these names, maybe you haven’t… but the example of holiness from these 4 couples is worthy of imitation! Here are 4 couples who are on their way to beatification…

Bl. Charles of Austria & Servant of God Zita of Bourbon-Parma

Charles of Austria, the last emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife, Empress Zita, shared a life full of challenges but centered on trust in God. Their devotion to one another was a shining example of a strong, enduring marriage. In the midst of World War I, they remained deeply committed to their Catholic faith and each other, offering a model of unwavering love and support in times of crisis. They raised a large family and prioritized their roles as parents, demonstrating the importance of family values and unity. Their beatification process, underway since 2004, continues to serve as a testament to the sanctity of married life.

Servants of God Tomás and Paquita Alvira

Tomás and Paquita Alvira exemplified a life of deep faith and devotion to their family. Their commitment to living ordinary, everyday life with exceptional love and purpose is an inspiration for families and parents. They embraced the joys and challenges of parenting their nine children.The Alvira couple’s faith in God, combined with their desire to make their family life “bright and cheerful,” shows us the beauty of sanctifying the little things. Their lives remind us that holiness can be found in everyday tasks and the simple moments of family life.

Servants of God Karol Jozef and Emilia Wojtyla

Karol Józef and Emilia Wojtyła, the parents of Pope St. John Paul II, played a crucial role in shaping his life. Their devout faith and deep love for one another and their children set a powerful example. Pope St. John Paul II often spoke of the profound influence his parents had on his faith, character, and vocation to the priesthood. The unwavering support and the spiritual foundation they provided him guided his path to the papacy. Their example underscores the tremendous impact parents have on their children, emphasizing the importance of listening to God’s call

Bl. Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi

Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi lived during a very challenging time. They were dedicated to their family and to their Catholic faith, fostering a deep spirituality within their marriage. The center of their life was the reception of daily Communion and uniting in family prayers, serving as a beautiful example for married couples. Luigi and Maria had four children and were known for their unwavering love and respect for each other. They demonstrated how faith can be the cornerstone of a thriving, harmonious marriage and how the bonds of matrimony can be a path to sanctity for both spouses. Luigi and Maria were jointly beatified in 2001, making them the first married couple to be beatified together in the Catholic Church!