New Year, New Traditions!

As we begin the new year, it’s a great time to consider how you’d like to strengthen your family’s bonds and grow in love and affection for each other. One way to encourage this endeavor is by establishing or returning to traditions that strengthen the family dynamic and create memories that last a lifetime. Here are five family tradition ideas that you can implement this 2024 to grow in friendship and familial love! 

  1. Spring Garden – Planning a garden for the springtime is a great way to get the family involved in something creative while also spending time outdoors. Each child could choose a flower or plant to grow and take care of throughout the life of the garden. Place a Mary statue amidst the blooms, and you always have a gift to give her! 
  2. Family Pilgrimage – There are many dedicated shrines throughout the United States, and you might find several in your area! Plan a pilgrimage to one of these shrines once a month or quarter and offer your family intentions during the journey! The May Pilgrimage to a Marian Shrine is a tradition within the Catholic Church in order to give honor to Mary throughout May.
  3. Impromptu Trip – No need to plan an extensive vacation for the family… pack some snacks and hit the road! Drive just an hour and see where it takes you. The time in the car can be a great opportunity to have meaningful conversations with your children, and it fosters moments of excitement as you see what is beyond your neighborhood.
  4. Family Bucket List – At the start of the year, create a bucket list where children and parents get to share activities that they would like to do most. The ideas could be as simple as visiting a museum once a month to having a shared meal everyday. It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to contribute and feel included!
  5. Culture Day – Is there a favorite family book beloved by all? Does a child have a talent in the visual arts? Was there a movie that everyone got excited over? Have a Culture Day and explore the themes and meanings of the work of art/literature! Create a meal based on the food within the story or have the family participate in activities that are themed around the work. It’s a great time to think outside the box! 

Building family traditions not only strengthens the family bond but also provides a sense of stability and anticipation for the year unfolding. As your family considers new ideas, let it be a time of unity and excitement!