How To Bring Fine Art Into Your Home

The approach of springtime allows us to consider ways to freshen up our homes by adding a little beauty and order. An often overlooked way of bringing more beauty into your home is the incorporation of fine art through paintings, books, and other mediums.

6 Ideas of How To Bring Fine Art into Your Home:

  1. Open Access Art – Many museums have artwork that is open access which means that anyone can download the art for free whether that is for personal or commercial use. The National Gallery of Art as well as The Metropolitan Museum of Art have their collections online for free use. You can download your favorite piece and send it to a professional printer to be framed for your home!
  2. Museum Souvenirs – Speaking of museums, the next time you visit your local art museum, bring home a souvenir that will remind your family of the trip you made!
  3. Thrifting Finds – Want to add authentic fine art to your home without breaking the bank? Thrifting provides an opportunity to find real pieces of art at a fraction of the cost. While the artists may not be popular and the piece may be unknown, you can guarantee that you’ll have a unique piece in your home!
  4. Fine Art Flashcards – Whether you make these on your own using the Open Access website or buy them from an online seller, having a set of flashcards on hand for when your children are bored can help them be better exposed to the history and beauty of fine art.
  5. Fine Art Coffee Table Books – There are hundreds of hardcover, fine art coffee table books that can add another detail of beauty to your home. If you have a favorite artist, you can have a book that highlights their works of art or you can purchase an anthology that the whole family can enjoy.
  6. Intentional Children’s Books – Many children’s books are a great way to incorporate art into your home through simple, yet beautiful illustrations. The key is to be intentional about the books you purchase, making sure that they are good in the telling of the story, true in that they don’t provide false information or opinions contrary to what you are teaching your children, and have beautiful illustrations that draw out inspiration from the reader. 

This is just a brief list of ways you can incorporate more beauty into your home. Be creative and let your children join you in this endeavor!