The Keegans

Meet Lynnette, her husband Kevin Keegan, and their three children.

Kevin, a Missouri native, met Lynnette, who is originally from Puerto Rico, at Veterinary School when Lynnette was a visiting scholar and Kevin was part of the faculty. They have been married for 25 years and have three children: Cristian, Nicolas, and Mariana. Throughout their marriage, they have instilled a deep faith in their children and continue to pursue a relationship with God and His Most Holy Mother. 

What role does your faith play in your family life?

Our Faith binds us together. It helps us through hard times, but it also is celebrated in times of joy. It is the source, summit, and sustenance of our everyday life… not just something that we celebrate on Sundays. When we are able to live our faith in times of hardship as well as joy, we are able to unite ourselves to the life of Christ who united himself to ours.

What is your favorite family devotion?

We pray the family Rosary every night after dinner, and we also  do a  pilgrimage to Our Lady in May and October.

How does the Rosary help your family? 

When there is strife or discord within the family, praying the rosary together invites The Holy Spirit into our home and gives us the grace to love one another and to reconcile. It also enkindles a sense of solidarity with others by praying for them.

What do you hope your children understand from praying the Rosary? 

I want them to develop a close relationship with Mary and to find out for themselves the maternal care and faithful love with which she loves them personally. As we pray the rosary, I want them to ponder upon each word of the Hail Mary, remembering to stay close to their heavenly mother and implore her to do the same every hour of their lives, especially the hour of their death.

Can you share a moment when the Blessed Mother has helped you through a difficult time.

There was a particular instance when the image of the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima came to our Parish. I was not a fervent Catholic then, but I came close to her and told her “Mother I’m lost, show me the way.” Ever since that day, she has not let up on guiding me closer to her Divine Son.

What about your faith do you hope to impart on your children?

I would tell them that despite its difficulties, their life will never be empty or fruitless, but full of love and higher meaning, if they only remain close to their Lord and His Mother.