The Hellmuths


Meet Lynn and Tom Hellmuth, St. Louis residents with 7 grown children! Having met at a Catholic young adult event, Lynn and Tom dated for 6 months and then married after 6 months of engagement! Their lives are a testament to the beauty of growing in the faith and surrendering to the will of God. 

They’ve shared with us how the intercession of the Blessed Mother has had a profound impact on their family life and on their own faith, especially when one of their sons was born with a congenital heart defect.

What religious traditions do you have as a family?

Thankfully, as a young mom, I participated in a class, Mom’s Transmit the Faith, and we participated in parenting courses, Family Enrichment. These put us with faithful peers who shared not only the importance of family tradition but their own ideas and celebrations. Advent was more fun when the kids were little. We put an empty crib in the center of the Advent wreath. We had a bowl of straw and our kids were encouraged to do acts of kindness or show virtue for a straw to place in the crib. The idea was that by living the season of Advent well they would have a soft and hay filled crib on Christmas day for the arrival of baby Jesus. 

We love Christmas Eve mass. In the morning before opening gifts we pass baby Jesus around, each family member kissing him. We say prayers and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

On Fat Tuesday, we would enjoy a favorite dinner and dessert and discuss the upcoming Ash Wednesday. On Ash Wednesday, after a small dinner, we would have the kids quietly reflect and write their lenten mortifications on a piece of paper. They would fold up their paper and place it on a dish in the center of the table, and then my husband would burn their papers. This was not only exciting for the kids to experience, but it was to show them that this was between them and God to live the Lenten season and their promise. 

Easter vigil is our favorite! We attend the Saturday evening vigil and invite a few parish friends over for a late night celebration. We enjoy warm ham sandwiches and offer treats which people may have denied themselves during Lent. 

When have you felt Mary’s motherly care?

There are so many moments! Our Lady of Lourdes was kind and clearly interceded for us… 

Our son was born with a serious congenital heart defect, he became a Make-a-Wish child. We could have lost him, his life could’ve been much different, due to his illness. I believe that since my son’s birth and diagnosis, I was directed to entrust it to the Blessed Mother and her intercession. She not only taught me about her Son and His Church, but she obtained a merciful “Yes” from the Father, and He mercifully healed our son. (This is a personal declaration, not one that the church has stated, a beautiful story God unfolded within our family)

How would you like your children to remember Mary in their day-to-day life?

To always stay close to the Blessed Mother and to have a daily devotion to the rosary. I wish for them to know the beauty God gave us through this Mother, Our Mother. I hope they will see she is the best, most loving Mother who is always there to lead us to God and His Church, to intercede on our behalf, and to protect and defend us. 

Know her, love her and allow her to lead you to Christ. (Kiss her daily and thank her!)

What about your faith do you hope to impart on your children?

Cling to the Catholic Faith, it is the one true Church, Christ’s Church. We have the True Presence of Christ in the Tabernacle, and we are the only church that has the Sacraments and the grace that flows from them. No matter how crazy or confusing the world may get, read your bible, grow your relationship with the persons of the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother, and seek the Sacraments. Live your faith fully because this is where your true happiness lies.

How have you led your family to seek the faith and trust in God and his Mother?

We have tried our hardest to accept the lives God entrusted to us and to raise our children lovingly, always directing them towards the truth and beauty of who they are; to love God with all their hearts and minds, and to give glory to God in all things. We have faced the ups and downs of life  with our family but trust in the Lord in all things. God has blessed us with everyday miracles…

We have had happiness and sadness through family situations… But we live each day with the Hope of Christ and entrust all our children to the protection of the Blessed Mother. Our life has been beautiful, and we are grateful for all of it.