Connecting with Your Child Using Their Love Language

Love is beautiful, and we know that there is nothing more sure in this world than a parent’s love for their child. But as a parent, sometimes when your relationship with your kids feels rocky, or you doubt that they realize just how much you care for them.

Dr. Gary Chapman, a marriage therapist, developed the theory of Love Languages, which comes down to the fact that everyone receives love differently. What is true for romantic love in marriage is also true for our love for our children. Knowing your child’s love language can make all the difference in your relationship with them.

We’ve made a list of ways to show your child you love them according to their love language.

Words of Affirmation

  • Saying loving things or “I Love you” often
  • Offering praise when they do something well
  • A special note in their lunchbox
  • Having a nickname for them that only you use

Physical Touch

  • Sitting near or beside them when doing an activity or at Mass
  • Lots of hugs and kisses
  • Making up a handshake
  • Group hugs
  • Cuddling

Acts of Service

  • Making their favorite dinner or treat
  • Carrying them to bed
  • Doing a chore for them that they normally do
  • Helping them with their homework

Gift Giving

  • Choosing small, inexpensive tokens, thoughtful gifts, or homemade presents.
  • Framing a special photograph of the child doing something they love
  • Buying a new shirt that captures their personality
  • Setting a goal and rewarding them with a thoughtful gift

Quality Time

  • Setting aside time to listen to your child fill you in about their day and feelings
  • Drawing or journaling together
  • Allowing your child to help you around the house
  • Making eye contact with your child when they tell you something

Knowing how to connect and make your child feel loved keeps your relationship strong and home life smooth. Try these ideas and see how they better connect you to your child!