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Ep. 9 Matt and Mindy

For the past 16 of the 32 years of their marriage, Matt and Mindy have dedicated themselves to coaching Catholic couples to rediscover the boundless grace that can be found in the sacrament of marriage. Listen in to this episode of After Cana to hear how they went from thinking granite countertops were the pinnacle of happiness to truly letting God into their lives and their marriage and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Tune in to hear their inspiring story!
If you want to learn more about Matt and Mindy’s work, Marriage Ministries, and the work that they do, check out their website here:

Matt and Mindy
00:00 / 50:58

Ep. 8 Conan and Angela

Spoiler alert: The first year of marriage should be difficult! Conan & Angela DeWitt have learned a lot after 23 years of marriage and 7 kids. Tune into the latest episode of After Cana as they talk about their greatest weakness and strengths, making decisions for their kids WITHOUT their parenting peers and taking turns being good cop and bad cop. You won’t want to miss it!

Conan and Angela
00:00 / 43:13

Ep. 7 Alex and Amanda

On this episode of After Cana, Alex and Amanda Halisky share wisdom from their 25 years of marriage! Join in as they discuss the importance of always respecting, loving, and showing up for your spouse no matter what. From freshman biology class to becoming parents of six children, their story is one you won't want to miss!

Alex and Amanda
00:00 / 51:12

Ep. 6 David and Thu-Lan Andrews

On this episode of After Cana, David and Thu-Lan Andrews share their marriage story, from disapproving parents and the challenges of graduate school to family brunch with their ten children. Listen in for their advice on loving your spouse well in your differences and working hard on your marriage each and every day!

David and Thu-Lan Andrews
00:00 / 32:11

Ep. 5 Heidi and Gerry

This week we interview Heidi and Gerry Kenny! In their 48 years of marriage, they have learned the power of compromise and the importance of family. Listen as they share their stories, from their most recent years as empty-nesters, back to the day they met almost 50 years ago.

Heidi and Gerry
00:00 / 35:32

Ep. 4 Doug and Shirley

From a not-so-great first date to a marriage proposal a week later. Doug and Shirley Hinderer's marriage has lasted almost 40 years, and they've discovered that it's not worth worrying about the minor details in a relationship. Listen to their story of working together and dying to themselves each day to form an awesome tag team to raise all 9 of their kids.

Doug & Shirley
00:00 / 42:19

Ep. 3 John and Dia

This week we interview the “World’s Most Compatible Couple”! John and Dia Boyle from St. Paul, MN are coming up on 39 years of marriage and are the self-proclaimed most compatible couple in the world. Listen as they talk about the value of Mom and Dad time, prioritizing your spiritual life, and how suffering is like stepping on legos.

John and Dia
00:00 / 45:42

EP. 2 Michael and Janet

From a six-week courtship to raising seven children, Michael and Janet Quinlan share practical advice from 39 years of joys and hardships. They discuss their team approach to life and emphasize the importance of prayer, selflessness, and intimacy as the pillars of a strong marriage.

Michael and Janet
00:00 / 42:54

Ep.1 Dan and Pat

Marriage is an adventure! Join us for an inspiring conversation with Dan and Pat Cheely, a couple from Chicago who have discovered the beauty of an adventure-filled life. Their story is a testament to the power of friendship and love, as they have overcome every obstacle to build a lasting and strong relationship. Listen in to discover how they have created a life full of joy and adventure together.

Dan and Pat
00:00 / 38:37
Episode 5
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