5 Ways To Live Holy Week Well

Holy Week is here! On Sunday, we received our Lord with palms, joy and happiness. In just a few days we will experience His passion, suffering and death. Taking advantage of this liturgical season can help us deepen our love for Christ and our abhorrence for sin. How can we live the rest of this Holy Week to accomplish that? 

Here are 5 ways to live Holy Week well:

Ponder the Meaning of Holy Week. 

Why does the Church give us this time of Lent and this time to return to the Lord? She gives us this time to come back to our Lord’s loving arms and embrace all that He has done and continues to do for us. Try to take time to reflect on the Passion of Christ. Participate in the Stations of the Cross. Watch the Passion of Christ. Reflect on the Sorrowful Mysteries.

Actively Participate in Holy Week Services.

Unlike any other liturgical season, things look a little different this week. The celebration of the Mass is not done on Good Friday or Holy Saturday, and instead our parishes hold a service on Friday that focuses on the Passion of the Lord. We kiss the cross, remembering the sacrifice Christ made for us. We participate in the Gospel, voicing the responses of the crowd. All of these services, when we actively participate and focus on what we are saying and doing, can be profound moments of spiritual growth.

Make Holy Week a Priority.

With these days proceeding the festivities of Easter, we can occasionally get lost in the preparation for family get-togethers, Easter egg hunts, and more. So making Holy Week a top priority for you and your family, can be an important scheduling and spiritual decision. Jesus’ language is silence! Yes, he can speak to us in many ways, but we can hear Him more clearly when all of our senses and thoughts are quieted.

Deny Yourself a Little More. 

While we’ve likely been denying ourselves some things during Lent, this week can be an ideal time to give just a little more. Christ suffered all he could for love of us. We can align ourselves with His cross and find a few more things to give up in order to grow in love for Him. What may He be asking you to deny?

Serve Others.

Is there someone who may need your help this week? Are you able to help out in a small or big way? Many nursing homes, soup kitchens and other places that serve those in need have special plans these days that require extra hands. Be open to the needs of those around you!