5 Quotes on the Beauty of Married Love

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Married Love – a beautiful vocation and one filled with great sacrifice but also with great joy… marriage between two individuals is a wonderful look at the way Christ truly loves his Church. We’ve collected several quotes to emphasize the greateness of married love and bring some inspiration to your vocation:

5 Quotes on the Beauty of Married Love:

“Spouses are therefore the permanent reminder to the Church of what happened on the Cross; they are for one another and for the children witnesses to the salvation in which the sacrament makes them sharers.”

– St. Pope John Paul II

“Love and sacrifice are as intimately connected as sun and light. We cannot love without suffering or suffer without loving. Look how many sacrifices are made by mothers who truly love their children. They are ready for everything, even to give their own blood. Did not Jesus die on the Cross for us, out of love for us? Love is affirmed and confirmed with the blood of sacrifice.”

– St. Gianna Molla

“But they mustn’t forget that the secret of married happiness lies in everyday things, not in daydreams. It lies in finding the hidden joy of coming home in the evening, in affectionate relations with their children, in the everyday work in which the whole family cooperates; in good humor in the face of difficulties that should be met with a sporting spirit; in making the best use of all the advantages that civilization offers to help us rear children, to make the house pleasant and life more simple.”

– St. Josemaria Escriva

“We become what we love and who we love shapes what we become.”

– St. Clare of Assisi

“But first I want you to tell me this: do you know the power of love? Christ passed over all the marvelous works which were to be performed by the apostles and said, “By this shall men know that ye are my disciples, if ye love one another.”

– St. John Chrysostom

“God unites husband and wife so closely to himself, that it should be easier to sunder soul from body than husband from wife.”

– St. Francis de Sales

We are fortunate to have such powerful words from the holy men and women in the Church.