4 Catholic Prayers for a Troubled Marriage

For those experiencing strife or trouble in their marriage, prayer can often be a helpful tool to lean on. Asking the help of our loving Father God and our Mother Mary to get through these times can be an essential component to healing. 

The first and second prayer in our collection are taken from the Novena for a Happy and Faithful Marriage. This novena, inspired by the teachings of St. Josemaria Escriva can be found here. The third prayer is one to St. Jude, patron of lost causes. And lastly, we couldn’t include a list of prayers without including the prayer to Mary, Mother of Fairest Love. She embodied the essence of what marriage and family should be – loving her husband and child totally. She will help us to do the same and to repair our troubled marriages.

Four prayers for a troubled marriage:

Lord Jesus Christ, You provide us with many opportunities in married life to grow in holiness by growing in charity. Grant that we might never overlook these occasions for growth, especially when they challenge us. May we never tire in our daily struggle to accept all things, the great and small trials as well as the greater and lesser joys, as ways in which we might praise You and deepen our share in Your Cross and Resurrection. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ, You permitffering to be a part of every human life, but You will that our afflictions be fruitful and redemptive. Help us to receive the trials and sufferings of our married life in a truly Christian spirit: as a way of making up for our sins and of bringing down many graces upon ourselves and others. May we, as husband and wife, be present to each other during times of suffering; may we never willingly cause each other to suffer. But grant that we might be strong with the strength of Your love, persevering and growing in our love until death. Amen.

St. Jude, the patron of lost causes, can be a perfect patron for those troubled marriages. He’s always able to find what’s lost and restore it to the owner – and our marriages are no exception.

St. Jude, I call upon you to intercede with God for me and to help me in my relationship. Help us come together so we can reconnect and reignite our love and understanding for each other. Help us listen and speak from the heart so we can communicate with compassion. Teach us how to love ourselves so we can easily love one another. You know exactly what we need to deepen our love for each other and I welcome the miracles you will manifest for me. Thank you St. Jude, I will honor God in your name, and cause you to be loved and invoked for your incredible power to mend hopeless cases.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us.

St Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us.

St Jude, helper of Hopeless cases, Pray for me and hear my prayer to save my marriage.

Mary, Mother of Fairest Love, you are the Mother of Jesus and our Mother. Intercede for us with your Son, as you did at the wedding at Cana. Pray for us, Fairest Mother, to strengthen and bless our families.

Help those called to marriage to find their spouses and teach them to love with a pure and selfless love.

Accompany parents in the upbringing and education of their children with unconditional love.

Help those who have answered the Father’s call to the consecrated life and apostolic celibacy to be generous and faithful to their vocation.

Bring peace, unity, and joy to the homes of families that are broken or burdened. Accompany with the warmth of your presence those who are alone.

You are the Mater Pulchrae Dilectionis, the Mother of beautiful love. Help us to love as Jesus loves, so we may show each other love full of mercy and forgiveness.

May all our love and affections be always faithful, pure, and chaste.

Dear Mother, be our refuge in our material and spiritual needs, and intercede especially for (here mention your petitions).

May we grow in love and come to know true peace and joy, now and in the life to come in Heaven.