3 Saints Who Knew How To Forgive

The Saints are known for exhibiting great virtues even in the midst of trial or persecution. In order for Saints to even be declared canonized, they must display a “heroic” amount of virtue throughout their lives. There are many Saints who embrace the persecution or trials they endure and forgive those who cause them pain or harm. We’d like to share three Saints who demonstrated the heroic virtue of forgiveness:

St. Josephine Bakhita – St. Josephine Bakhita was born in Sudan in the late 19th century and endured the trauma of being abducted and sold into slavery at a young age. Her life took a turn when she was purchased by an Italian diplomat and eventually brought to Italy. Despite the immense hardships she faced, Josephine’s deep faith led her to forgiveness. She embraced the Catholic faith, joined the Canossian Sisters, and dedicated her life to God. St. Josephine’s extraordinary ability to forgive those who had caused her immense suffering became a powerful example of love and understanding of Christ’s message.

St. Maria Goretti – St. Maria Goretti, born in Italy in 1890, faced tragic circumstances at an early age when she was brutally attacked and stabbed by a neighbor at just 11 years old. Despite the severity of her injuries, Maria displayed remarkable forgiveness and compassion towards Alessandro, her assailant. On her deathbed, she forgave him and expressed her desire for his spiritual well-being. After being sentenced to 30 years  in prison, Alessandro was visited by Maria in several visions, including one where she gave him lilies as another sign of forgiveness. He reformed his life and eventually attended Maria’s canonization!

St. Josemaria Escriva – During the Spanish Civil War, St. Josemaria Escriva faced intense prejudice and persecution due to his status as a Catholic priest. The anti-Catholic sentiment was particularly strong during this tumultuous period, leading to violence against clergy members. St. Josemaria, however, endured these hardships with remarkable forgiveness. He faced direct threats to his life, and many of his fellow priests were persecuted or killed. Despite the hostility, he consistently advocated for forgiveness and reconciliation, urging his followers to pray for those who persecuted them. St. Josemaria’s ability to forgive in the face of grave danger is a testament to his deep faith and commitment to mercy and love. 

If you’re ever struggling with forgiving others, seek the intercession of these incredible role models!

Pray the prayer to Mary Mother of Fairest Love for the Grace to Forgive!