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Family Life

On Love and Relationships

A series of articles from the Opus Dei website or marriage and human love

Family Life

A series of articles from the Opus Dei website on raising children and creating bright and cheerful homes

Family Enrichment USA

A non-profit organization that provides educational programs to strengthen the family and support husband and wife in the atmosphere of friendship

“In its most profound reality, love is essentially a gift; and conjugal love...does not end with the couple, because it makes them capable of the greatest possible gift, the gift by which they become cooperators with God for giving life to a new human person.”

Familiaris Consortio

Apostolic Exhortation of Pope St. John Paul II

Spiritual Resources

Podcast: Marriage As a Pathway to Holiness

A meditation on the Sacrament of Marriage and how it is the cornerstone to society and the image of the eternal love between Christ and his Church

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