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Prayer to Mary, Mother of Fairest Love

Mary, Mother of Fairest Love, you are the Mother of Jesus and our Mother.
Intercede for us with your Son, as you did at the wedding at Cana.
Pray for us, Fairest Mother, to strengthen and bless our families.

Help those called to marriage to find their spouses and teach them

to love with a pure and selfless love.

Accompany parents in the upbringing and education of their

children with unconditional love.

Help those who have answered the Father's call to the consecrated life or to apostolic
celibacy, to be generous and faithful to their vocations.

Bring peace, unity, and joy to the homes of families that are broken or burdened.
Accompany with the warmth of your presence those who are alone.

You are the Mater Pulchrae Dilectionis, the Mother of beautiful love.
Help us to love as Jesus loves, so we may show each other love full of mercy and

May all our love and affections be always faithful, pure, and chaste.

Dear Mother, be our refuge in our material and spiritual needs, and
intercede especially for (here mention your petitions).


May we grow in love and come to know

true peace and joy, now and in the life to
come in Heaven.




With ecclesiastical approval

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