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How to Keep Grandparents Close (Even When They’re Far)

Whether they live down the street or across the country, remaining in touch with grandparents is key to keeping the relationships strong. We have so much to learn from the memory of our grandparents, and distance can provide a different opportunity to challenge us to stay in contact. In honor of World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly on July 23rd, here are three ways you and your children can continue to foster a close relationship with grandparents, whether they are near or far.

3 Ways to Keep Grandparents Close:

  • Letter Writing - A lost art, letter writing is probably a more familiar way grandparents communicate with loved ones. Nothing is more special than receiving a well-written, thoughtful note from a grandchild expressing their current situation in life, their joys, the things they look forward to, etc. And who doesn’t love the anticipation of waiting for the mailman to bring a letter!

  • Scheduled Phone and Video Calls - As simple as it sounds, a phone call can really brighten the day of your grandparent. Life can get crazy, and finding time may be a challenge, but intentionally scheduling that conversation helps your grandparent feel loved and appreciated. Making plans to call on a specific day and time also allows you to get excited and ready to share with your grandparents. Thanks to technology, we now have the opportunity to see our grandparents face-to-face via video calls. This strengthens our connection and allows us to share more.

  • Praying Daily for Them - All relationships benefit from bringing them to our prayer. We might not always have the time to visit or call our grandparents, but offering them and their intentions up allows God to keep them close to us through many spiritual blessings. You can always ask the grandparents what they are praying for, and you can unite with them in that prayer.

While this list is not exhaustive of the many ways you can keep your grandparents close, it does provide a simple starting point to continue fostering that relationship in ways they are able to participate.

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