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Fall Date Night Ideas

It’s the season of cooler weather, changing leaves, cornfields, and spices! We’ve got 10 fall date ideas that will give you and your spouse an opportunity to continue growing together while enjoying seasonal activities.

  1. Take a drive - As the leaves begin to turn, take a drive where you might be able to enjoy nature better! This could be to a hiking ground or even a small town.

  2. Attend a trivia night - Many local bars and even libraries will have themed trivia nights.

  3. Visit a local farmers market - Nothing says “fall” like all of the handmade, farm-produced products that the farmers market has to offer. Farmers markets are a great place to learn new things, meet new people, and have great conversations!

  4. Tour a brewery or cidery - A number of breweries and cideries are in unique parts of town that have other establishments to visit

  5. Explore fall festivals - It could be a national jam festival or pie-baking celebration, there are many local festivals throughout the US that are just waiting to be explored!

  6. Volunteer together - Volunteering is a beautiful opportunity to share your love with others. Reach out to local crisis pregnancy centers, nursing homes, childcare services, or hospitals to see where there is a need.

  7. PSL taste testing - Fall is the season of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) and any pumpkin flavored goodie. Find different flavored goods and see which is the preferred flavor! You could have a clear winner by also making your own pumpkin bread or pie together.

  8. Go on a rosary walk - As the weather cools, it is the perfect time to go for a walk and pray the rosary. Maybe take a route you’re not usually used to and say the rosary on the way out but discuss the family, the joys of your week, the things you’d like each other to pray for, on the way back.

  9. Visit a museum - Have you been to that architectural museum that you just noticed as you drove by it? What about that niche art museum that houses some of the most unique pieces in your city? Museums are an excellent way to learn while also encouraging deeper conversations.

Listen to the After Cana podcast - Grab a coffee (maybe a PSL?) and a blanket and choose an After Cana podcast you might not have listened to yet.

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