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Entrust Your Intentions to Our Mother of Fairest Love with a Simple Paper Rose

As May comes to a close, we encourage you to entrust your intentions to Mary, Mother of Fairest Love - now and always. With her motherly heart, she accompanies us in the challenging moments of family life. In her care, our families can heal, and the thorns of daily life can be turned into beautiful roses.

We have a short rose-making activity that adults and children can do to help you entrust your intentions to our Mother of Fairest Love. We invite you to follow the instructions below, or download the activity and create a rose on your own or with your family.

Create a Simple Paper Rose to Give to Our Mother of Fairest Love:

  1. Draw a circle on a piece of paper - freehand it or trace a circle-shaped object.

  2. Using scissors, cut out the circle and then start cutting one long spiral strand into the circle from the outside to the center. The thinner the strand the more petals your rose will have.

  3. Entrust your intentions to Mary, Mother of Fairest Love by writing them on the spiral.

  4. Starting from the outside end, roll the spiral around itself. You can wrap it around your finger or a pencil if that makes the rolling easier.

  5. Once you get to the little circle at the end, gently place the roll down on top of it. The roll will unravel a little, revealing a tiny rose. Optional: use a dab of glue on the round part to securely hold the rose together.

  6. Place your rose in front of an image or statue of our Lady, giving her your intention to care for as a mother does.

What will you entrust to Mary, Mother of Fairest Love, these last days of May and beyond?

PS When you do this craft, snap a picture and share it on social! tag us in the post so we can see the beautiful roses you made for our Mother of Fairest Love!

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