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Christmas Inspiration from St. Josemaria Escriva

As we welcome the coming of our Savior into our homes this Christmas, we can reflect on the significance of God becoming man in the midst of family life with Mary and Joseph. How beautiful to have an example of such love and devotion in the Holy Family! St. Josemaria Escriva comments on this aspect of Christ’s Incarnation in Christ is Passing By. See what he has to say about the message of Christmas below!  

“When I think of Christian homes, I like to imagine them as being full of the light and joy that were in the home of the holy family. The message of Christmas is heard in all its forcefulness: ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men of good will.’ ‘And may the peace of Christ triumph in your hearts,’ writes the Apostle. It is a peace that comes from knowing that our Father God loves us, and that we are made one with Christ. It results from being under the protection of the Virgin, our Lady, and assisted by St Joseph. This is the great light that illuminates our lives. In the midst of difficulties and of our own personal failings, it encourages us to keep up our effort. Every christian home should be a place of peace and serenity. In spite of the small frustrations of daily life, an atmosphere of profound and sincere affection should reign there together with a deep-rooted calm, which is the result of authentic faith that is put into practice.” - Christ is Passing By, 22

May you and your family have a blessed Christmas, enjoying the peace and joy that the coming of Christ brings!

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