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Activity - Reflecting on the Rosary

The mysteries of the Rosary are a powerful reminder of the joys and sorrows of Our Lord, but it’s always good practice to imagine the Blessed Mother in each of the mysteries. An activity you can do with your children is this Holy Rosary Coloring Page. Below are a few ideas to help encourage thoughtful participation in the activity:

  • Talk about the mysteries as your child colors them in.

  • Discuss why the page chose certain images to represent the mystery and have your children share their favorite!

  • If you have older children, you can incorporate the meditations of the Holy Rosary by St. Josemaria.

  • Pray your child’s favorite decade after finishing the activity!

When you do this activity we'd love to see the results! Share on social media and tag us on Instagram or Facebook @fairestloveshrine

The Holy Rosary Coloring Page

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