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5 Quotes from Pope Francis on the Elderly

A treasure to society, the elderly demonstrate resilience and compassion for the younger generations. During his papacy, Pope Francis had his Catechesis on the Value and Meaning of Old Age. He saw the dignity of the elderly and their significant contribution to the Church. In honor of the upcoming World Grandparents Day, on the feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne, below are five quotes from Pope Francis that highlight this value and goodness of the elderly.

5 Quotes from Pope Francis on the Elderly:

  1. “It makes no difference how old you are, whether you still work or not, whether you are alone or have a family, whether you became a grandmother or grandfather at a young age or later, whether you are still independent or need assistance. Because there is no retirement age from the work of proclaiming the Gospel and handing down traditions to your grandchildren.” - address from the First World Day for Grandparents

  2. “Your prayer is a very precious resource: a deep breath that the Church and the world urgently need.” - address from the First World Day for Grandparents.

  3. “Grandparents, who have received the blessing to see their children’s children (cf. Ps 128: 6), are entrusted with a great responsibility: to transmit their life experience, their family history, the history of a community, of a people; to share wisdom with simplicity, and the faith itself, the most precious heritage! Happy is the family who have grandparents close by!” - Meeting with the Elderly, 2014

  4. “How important grandparents are for family life, for passing on the human and religious heritage which is so essential for each and every society! How important it is to have intergenerational exchanges and dialogues, especially within the context of the family.”

  5. “It is true that old age is at times unpleasant because of the illnesses it brings. But the wisdom of our grandparents is the inheritance we ought to receive. A people that does not care for its grandparents, that does not respect its grandparents, has no future since it has lost its memory.”

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