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5 Easy Ways To Show Your Spouse You Love Them That are Practically Free!

It's the month of LOVE and the week of Valentine's Day, so we are celebrating with a couple easy ways you can show your spouse you love them. And... they are practically free. No fancy dinner or expensive collection of flowers needed.

5 Ways To Show Your Spouse Love:

Do your spouse’s chores

Are there certain chores that your spouse does all the time? Surprise them this week by taking out the trash, making school lunches for the kids, or vacuuming the house. It might not seem like the most romantic idea to some people, but your spouse will be over the moon when they notice!

Write a love letter

Think about the first time you met your spouse. Remember what made you decide to get married. Write that down! Love letters don’t have to be sappy – they can be short and sweet or long and rambling, funny or serious. This is a chance to connect with your spouse by digging down to the roots of your relationship and recording your memories on an old-fashioned piece of paper that he or she will want to keep forever.

Make a creative date-night snack

Sometimes, the best way to say “I love you” is a well-planned date, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive date, either. Here are a few creative snacks that you can turn into a full-fledged date night:

  1. Homemade Movie Theater – pop some popcorn, make oven-baked nachos, and gather your spouse’s favorite movie theater sweet treats and drinks. Put on the classic movie you have been meaning to watch together, and enjoy your in-house entertainment.

  2. Sundae Bar – When was the last time you went all-out with the ice cream toppings? Make a banana split with your spouse featuring their favorite toppings and ice cream flavors.

  3. Crepe Night – Take a petit trip to France and learn how to make crepes for the perfect date night. This might sound intimidating, but don’t worry, they’re just super thin pancakes. Add a wine pairing for flair!

Fill a compliment jar

Does your spouse thrive on words of affirmation and praise? Give them a supply of compliments that they can pull out tonight, or any time they need it!

Grab a pasta sauce jar from the recycling and clean it out (take the label off or cover it up, too). Cut plain pieces of paper into little hearts. Next, open a blank note on your phone and jot down everything you love about your spouse, from their dimples to how you first fell in love. You’ll fill that jar in no time at all!

Start a journal swap

Do you have a couple of old, unused notebooks lying around the house? Start a journal swap! From now until this time next year, use these journals to write notes to each other. Record the good times and the bad, and get ready to smile next year when you look back on everything that happened in between.

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