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26 Date Ideas to Experience with Your Spouse

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and we wanted to share 26 date ideas to share with your spouse by going through the alphabet. With a wide variety of options, you and your spouse are sure to find something you both can enjoy doing while making memories.

Want to try them all? Print this blog post and begin your dates with the letter “A.” During the date, take a picture with your spouse for future posterity. You may find a new favorite activity! 

A - Art Gallery Visit 

B - Bake-Off! 

C - Cooking Class

D - Dance Lessons

E - Explore a New Eatery

F - Farmers Market

G - Game Night

H - Hiking Adventure

I - Instrumental Concert

J - Jigsaw Puzzle Marathon

K - Karaoke 

L - Latin Dance Night

M - Museum Tour

N - Nature Picnic

O - Opera Night

P - Paint and Sip

Q - Quiet Night In

R - Relive the Past 

S - Stargazing

T - Tasting Tour

U - Under the Stars Movie Night

V - Virtual Vacation

W - Winery Visit

X - X-Factor Talent Show

Y -You Day

Z - Zoo Day

There are so many opportunities to create memories with your spouse… get creative and see how experiences help build up your relationship and endeavor to grow in love and affection. 

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