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S2 Ep13 Navigating the Woke Movement

Author of the new book, Awake Not Woke, Noelle Mering joins us for this episode. She shared insights from her research on the woke movement, how to navigate this trend within the family, and more.

Her book can be found at Tan Books: https://tanbooks.com
Noelle is also the co-author and contributor of Theology of Home: https://theologyofhome.com

Navigating the Woke Movement
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S2. Ep12 You Don't Have To Do It All Alone

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Parent Coach Jordan Langdon shares her advice on going from a team of one to a family in which everyone is pitching in! Trying to do it all by herself was something this week’s guest struggled with in the early years of raising her family. But her perspective shifted after her 4-year-old made an innocent comment. Listen in as she shares her personal story and how that inspired her to help other parents make that essential shift.

You Don't Have to Do it All Alone
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S2 Ep11 What Caused the Increase in Anxiety and What Can We Do?

With anxiety in teens up 25% in recent years, we’ve brought Monica Hinderer, LPC, back for a second episode. Here she talks about two of the major factors that have contributed to this rise - COVID and Social Media - as well as what parents can do to combat this trend.

What's Caused the Increase in Anxiety and What Can We Do?
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S2 Ep10 Anxiety and Your Child

For this episode we’re talking with Monica Hinderer, a licensed professional therapist who works with adolescents. With the rise in anxiety so prevalent in teens today, Monica shares how to know the difference between anxiety and stress, when to seek professional help, and what you can do as a parent to help your child navigate anxiety.
This is the first of two episodes with Monica on anxiety in children.

Anxiety and Your Child
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S2 Ep9 Healthy Families in the Kitchen

This week registered oncology nurse and certified health and nutrition coach Cris Bofill shares some helpful tips with us about healthy eating. She provides insights into shopping, nutrition labels, and even how to get picky eaters to eat their veggies!
Cris can be found at: https://www.wellnutritionsolutions.com

Healthy Families in the Kitchen
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S2 Ep8 Authentic Self Care and Why We Need It

In this episode we’re talking about authentic self care with Julia Hogan, author, therapist, owner and clinical director of Vita Optimum Counseling. She walks us through the issue with today’s treat yourself self care mentality, what is authentic self care and how to figure out what revives you.

Authentic Self Care and Why We Need It
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S2 Ep.7 How to Know if Your Marriage Needs Therapy

We’ve brought Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Doug Hinderer back to discuss marriage therapy - specifically hot to know if your marriage needs it! He walks us through 4 red flags that could indicate therapy is the next right step for your marriage, and discusses the value couples find in talking to a therapist even if nothing is seriously wrong.

How to Know if Your Marriage Needs Therapy
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S2 Ep. 6 Natural Family Planning & The Catholic Family

Registered nurse and Marquette-method NFP instructor, Amanda Smith shares some insights into Natural Family Planning. She discusses how the marital act is always meant to be unitive and procreative, how NFP is not Catholic birth control, and clears up some common misconceptions she encounters.
Amanda can be found: https://www.vitaefertility.com

Natural Family Planning & The Catholic Family
00:00 / 26:28

S2 Ep.5 | How To Prepare for Marriage (before you’re even dating)

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Doug Hinderer is back again sharing his insights on how to prepare for marriage - before you’re engaged or even seriously dating. He walks us through how to cultivate the virtues that will be needed in married life, things like: friendship, kindness, patience, meekness, and more

Doug can be found: https://www.happymarriageforlife.com

How To Prepare for Marriage (before you’re even dating)
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S2 Ep 4 CLASS | The Family as a Reflection of God

In this class, Fr. Paul Donlan explains that the human person is made in God's image and likeness, not just because he is endowed with an intellect and will, but because he is called to live in a communion of persons––namely, in a family.

The Family as a Reflection of God
00:00 / 17:34

S2 Ep 3 Creating a Bright and Cheerful Home

Certified Life Coach, Janet Quinlan shares her insights and expertise on creating a bright and cheerful home. She points out that making a home is not just about the physical environment but also the emotional and spiritual environment. This mother of 7 and life coach to mothers around the world, offers practical tips for building up all three of these environments so each member of the family feels connected, safe, needed, and loved.

Creating a Bright and Cheerful Home
00:00 / 30:17

S2 Ep. 2 Literature and its Role in a Child’s Life

Senior Scholar at Boston University’s Center for Character and Social Responsibility, Karen Bohlin talks with us about the importance of introducing good literature to children and how to avoid becoming reluctant readers. She talks about the importance of going deep into the meaning and messages found in great literature, and how that illuminates the intricacies of life.

Literature and its Role in a Child’s Life
00:00 / 34:51