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MEDITATION | On Patriotism

In this reflection, Fr. Paul Donlan explains how the virtue of patriotism stems from the natural virtue of piety, the same virtue that allows us to respect and honor our parents. It is, therefore, the school of the family where the virtue of patriotism is first instilled.

On Patriotism
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MEDITATION | Forgiveness & Mercy

In this meditation, Fr. Paul Donlan explores the importance of forgiveness in family life. Though "I forgive you" can be the hardest words to say, the whole Gospel can be summarized in those words.

Forgiveness & Mercy
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MEDITATION | Mary, Model of Motherhood

We begin this month of May with a reflection by Fr. Paul Donlan on Mary's role as a mother and patroness of America. We invoke her intercession as "our great ally in a long uphill battle to bring the conscience of our nation back to the inviolable sanctity of human life and what it really means to be a mother."

Mary, Model of Motherhood
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MEDITATION | Building the Church by Building the Family

In this episode, Fr. Matt Wheeler reflects on how Catholics serve and build the Catholic Church by focusing on the family.

Building Up the Church by Building Up the Family
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MEDITATION | Laying Down Your Life for Love

In episode 2, Fr. Paul Donlan reflects on how we are called to imitate Christ in laying down our lives for the love of others. As we enter into the Paschal Triddum, may we remember that Christ’s great sacrifice is something we should aspire to emulate in our everyday lives.

Laying Down Your Life for Love
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MEDITATION | St. Joseph, Our Model of Fatherhood

In this episode, Fr. Peter Armenio reflects on the gifts God gave St. Joseph to live his vocation as the foster father of Jesus.

St. Joseph, Our Model of Fatherhood
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